" Russia Launches Atomic Attack... U.S. responds with Variable Cloudiness !"

Weather Control- long a fascination for sci-fi fans and conspiracy enthusiasts. Scientists have dreamed and tried for a long, long time- to absolutely no effect. I once asked my father about controlling the weather. As Director of Research at Goodyear in the late 1950's he certainly qualified as a scientist- wore the lab coat to prove it. "Not enough power!" he harrumphed.
Weather involves titanic amounts of energy. It's about the whole surface of the Earth, the oceans and the air being heated by the Sun. Trillions of calories, goo-goo billions of watts. All of the industrial output of the last hundred years has only resulted in- Smog. Maybe affected the cycle of ice-ages and made the color green a pop-fad. Hardly a strategic weapon.
All of the nuclear fire from all the bomb stockpiles detonated all at once wouldn't make the thermometer go up a bit on the global scale. [coincidentally, scientists are now doing a fast back track on the 1980's spectre of "Nuclear Winter"]
We can't make it rain here in Portage County, Ohio. How would we make it rain on the other side of the planet where the bad guys are? Magic. Ultra-high thingy's or low-frequency whatchamacallits or even hordes of Shirley McClain channeling high flying wombats.
Even if we could find enough power to have a direct effect on this thing we call "Weather" what would we get?
But, hey- it's a really cool illustration !


Autumnforest said...

I like the idea of controlling the weather, especially living in the desert southwest, but I don't see that happening in our lifetime. You can bet, though, that the country spent a lot of money on attempting it from seeding clouds to other strange programs. It sounds like our dads were into the work of that era. My father worked on the program that shifted the bombs around on the trains, moving them incessantly around the country so no one would know where they were. He carried a special card that showed he's to be let onto any plane at any time because of important work. I inherited the card on his passing and was amazed to read it. Apparently, to family and friends he worked for "FAA." My mom finally fessed up.

james vaughan said...

WOW! Can you scan the card and send a copy?