VERY imaginative version of DEW line

Something about those dark cold spaces of the vast Great White North get those sci-fi juices flowing. The Distant Early Warning [ DEW Line ] system built in northern Canada was the setting for several of the best monster movies of the Cold War. "The Thing" and "The Giant Mantis" amongst them.
Big inflatable ray-dome, artificial movable rocks- love it!
sigh -never built.
The geek kid from the A.V. Club is rolling in the 16mm projector, it's time for an educational film!


Sharon Day said...

Wow! That's an interesting conception. I have to admit, "The Thing" is just one of the best SciFi movies ever and whenever there's a movie that takes place in the north, I have to see it, like "30 Days of Night." Now, they have HAARP up in Alaska--there's something making people wonder all over again about Cold War possibilities.

james vaughan said...

Oh no, not HAARP! Where's my tinfoil hat! Did you know HAARP has a website with an official live webcam so all the conspiracy people can keep an eye on it? If you take an average sized globe and put a dot for the size of the HAARP installation- you couldn't find a small enough pen or pencil point. Bouncing radio waves off the atmosphere has been a passion since Marconi. Although there has been no shortage of mad- scientist proposals for ways to "weaponize" the stratosphere. Tesla's death rays come to mind. Hold on- I'm picking up the NSA on my fillings!