1955 ... our story begins with the End!

This is Rodger Corman's fourth masterpiece of cinema art. (sarcasm intended)
A handful of survivors find refuge at a scientists ranch, which was purposely built in a 'radiation resistant area'. It's the usual party of bad guys, good guys, a horny toad prospector, a stripper- you know the group.
One hapless member strays too far, get's radiation poisoning and mutates into a three eyed monster in search of blood! How typical and one sided! We never hear about the guys who mutate into a cute furry bunny or the best peperoni pizza you've ever had.
We've got a special treat today boys and girls- the entire movie from Mister YouTube!


Autumnforest said...

Oh my gosh! I saw this one when I was a little kid on TV and it haunted me forever until I found out what its name was. I went and rented it recently again and it wasn't as scary, but I still really liked the mood of it.

Anonymous said...

Love your page James -- discovered through your Flickr profile! It's the Tsar Bomba of atomic-culture blogs! =D