...another shot of a French 'shot'


Autumnforest said...

Look at that, it's like a ring within a ring within a ring...on and on and on... It's almost like the nucleus and protons and electrons and their patterns only huge-scale. I get fanciful when I see inspiring art.

Autumnforest said...

My holiday gift to blogs I follow is to write a comment about what I love about the blog. I follow over 90 of them, so I'm starting now.

I always feel a great sigh of relief when I come to your blog. It's very neat and relaxing (as a Virgo, I appreciate that a lot--I'm highly organized). Going beyond the layout of the blog, I love that you let the pictures just speak for themselves. Art is like that. Just show it. Be silent. Stand back. Absorb it. I'm just crazy about the whole Cold War era nostalgia you embody on your blog and I hope you keep it up! It feels like coming home whenever I visit.