... the song of the end of the world.

" ... yes of course the wailing sirens, the man-machine of Gabrielle’s last long trumpet solo.

Throw open the Cathedral doors and the front door and the screen porch door, any second the pure and horrible white light growing beyond seeing , beyond blindness, beyond purple and far spectrum violet.

In those few seconds that the Universe has left, the final time the sky will ever be blue and the grass still alive and green, in that last aching sentence of all of our lives; we listen to it, perfect and crisp across the last morning of the last day of the last Spring...

the Song of the End of the World!


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Autumnforest said...

That video was chilling. I haven't heard that song since the late 60s the last time I recall our local elementary school doing the practice sirens. It used to fill me with dread.d I remember as a kid throwing apples at the sirens, hoping to break them.