... Fact vs. Myth #1

... here at Atomic Annihilation's deep underground headquarters we have a particular affection for many of the myths surrounding Atomic War. Taking away the myths takes away a lot of the fun- and believe me we want most of all for your experience of Armageddon to be a once in a life-time experience!

Without the cannibal-zombies and the giant mutant cockroaches Thermonuclear Conflict would just be endless suffering and misery. And where's the fun in that?

So in the interest of public information, and the thousands of fans worldwide that find this blog fulfills the missing terror in their lives, we evil white coated scientists will be conducting a series of 'Fact vs. Myth' forums in your hometown! Keep an eye on your church bulletin boards and listen for the loudspeaker trucks as reverberate through your neighborhood at three in the morning!

first installment is brought to us by a survivalist organization- BUT- the facts check out- and any deposits on shotgun weapons will be cheerfully refunded!

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