1950's ... 'military effects' test

... my guess is that this a 20 kiloton 'Hiroshima size' weapon detonated from a tethered balloon. Those little specks are various unoccupied tanks and other armored vehicles being sacrificed.


Maverick Collecting said...

There is a beautiful book (I say 'beautiful' in that the images ooze the full majesty of Hell), called One Hundred Suns (or 'A Hundred Suns'...maybe just 'Hundred Suns'?) which has remastered images of all the tests detonated from the forties to the seventies. Well worth tracking down...although I haven't yet, which is why I'm not sure of the title!!


Atropos19 said...

100 Suns by Michael Light

I picked up a copy when it was new for about $45, wished I'd bought a couple!