1955 ... "man down! "

... Operation 'Teapot'. 'Apple -2' shot. 29 kiloton. Dime store mannequin survival rate- zero.

... what were they thinking? Well, the 'Apple-2' shot was a chance for the Civil Defense folks to learn as much as they could about just how badly Atomic Bombs walloped all the various parts of our everyday American lives. Houses, cars, telephone poles and the various etc. Of course someone wanted to know what it did to people. In 1955 a cheap plaster dummy was the closest scientific instrument.

(there have always been rumors the Soviets and the Chinese used political prisoners)

... here's a link to an official 1955 film about this test. It's called 'Operation Cue'; which really refers to 'Operation Doorstep'; which is a part of the larger 'Operation Teapot'; from which 'Shot: Apple #2' was the 29 kiloton atomic detonation utilized. Is that clear? And for all you suburbanites who have been putting off that much needed house painting we'll throw in 'The House in the Middle'.

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