... early Intercontinental Bomber ideas!

... before the practical development of in-flight refueling, if you wanted to go a really long way, you had to have a really big airplane. Lots and lots of fuel meant big fuel tanks, bigger wings for more lift, bigger tails for better steering in the high-altitudes which meant bigger engines etc. etc. There were a lot of designs. And a lot of wacky ideas. 

Remember- in the late 1940's and early 50's there was a distinct lag between long range radar coverage, interceptor technology and the chance that this big baby (or a B-36) just might be able to slip through to it's target!

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Obscure Trivia said...

Funny. 1940's concepts seem to suggest the larger the vertical stabilizer, the more intercontinental the plane becomes. This one would be ripped off on its initial flight test.