... Editor's Note:

... recent domestic and international developments have moved conflict between the Superpowers and the horror of Nuclear War uncomfortably back into the forefront of people's minds. It makes the serious-humor-nostalgic theme of 'Atomic-Annihilation' a little harder to maintain. But even as we enlarge our bunker to much deeper levels of bedrock, we will soldier on and try to put the happiest face on the end of the world we can manage!

... seriously; this blog (besides being a lot of fun for the sick and warped) - is a good resource for a lot of very relevant and important information for you and your loved ones.


Swany said...

To the bunker! One of these days, Edith. Pow, right in the kisser.

azmountaintroll said...

We laugh to keep from screaming.

Tim Gow said...

Glad to hear the fallout hasn't got you!