... not Milton Berle.

1950- Radar ( Radio Detection And Ranging) was still pretty 'gee-whiz' stuff. Fighter aircraft, that would be sent out to intercept Russian bombers, had no on-board radar of their own. They relied on ground stations like this one to help them find their targets in the vast ocean of the sky. Similar Russian systems could even fly the aircraft from the ground.

Until the advent of ground launched guided missiles in the late 50's shooting down high flying enemy bombers was literally a 'hit or miss' proposition.

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Sharon Day said...

Very comforting. Makes you wonder what we don't know today that 50 years from now we'll be shocked about... As a side note, that poster is way awesome-looking. I was born in 62, but I swear I should have been from the 50s. I love the styles, music, musicals, sci-fi movies, nerdishness. The mid century was just beyond cool. (Cold War, Civil Liberties, and women's rights aside, of course)