... mad scientists (atomic) wanted!

... come to beautiful New Mexico; land of enchantment, 110 degrees in the shade, scorpions and tarantulas! Recruitment ads for the nuclear weapons and research industry (early 1950's?). Originally started as a super-secret collection of super-brains in the middle of god-foresaken nowhere; Los Alamos National Labs is just the place for you and the wife and kids to pack-up and settle! 

images from the excellent site- 'Restricted Data'  http://blog.nuclearsecrecy.com/

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Nagasaki, Japan 1946, by Robert Graham

... Let Your Neighbors Know!

... a lot of Cold War blogs have come and gone. This one keeps going. Spread the good word. Let your fellow odd and idiosyncratic comrades know of this site and the wondrous treasures within!  


B-52 - my artwork

... did several new pieces to be included in a new video of my Cold-War artwork that I am putting together. These are part of my promotions for my commercial work. Yes- art imitates life - or is it the other way around? 

Once upon a time I had the second best job in the world; photographing beautiful women for magazines and department stores. Now I have the number one job in the world; making artwork of rocket-ships and airplanes!

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M-4 'Bison' - my artwork

my photo-illus work - NOW AVAILABLE as Posters, Prints, Etc.

... after much public clamoring ( crowds of grumbling peasants with torches at the door) I have a place that you can go to get very nice prints of my artwork. You can also order fun things like t-shirts, coffee mugs and ... shower curtains(?)

use the LINK above

F-104 ... "the missile with a man in it!" - my illustration work

... another of the pieces I created for a promotional video of my commercial illustration work. The Lockheed F-104 'Starfighter'. One of designer Kelly Johnson's brainchildren. Often criticized as being dangerous to fly. It very successfully achieved it's design parameters: climb very quickly and go very fast. The most desired attributes when you want to shoot down Soviet bombers.

Somewhere underneath all of that digital paint is a photo of a gaudily painted 'gate-guard'.  wiki

1984 ... first we get Big-Macs!

... in the heyday of the Regan era (1984) the movie 'Red Dawn' was released. Basically a souped up made for TV movie. But it hit a resonant nerve in millions of teenage boys who fantasized that battle with the Evil Empire of the bear would bring them glory... and even possibly sex! And who can resist the idea of Russkie paratroopers blowing-up your high school?


... find your seat!

1950 ... more death and destruction!

... who knew that Nuclear War gave you a bad case of acne!

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1957 ... all the little details!

... back in 1957; Boris and Natasha would have been in a heap of trouble for publishing this on the Internet!


1951 ... gee-whiz Cool!

... what little kid or his Dad can resist an article about giant prop planes landing in the backyard and disgorging life-size Tonka trucks!

... conspiracy theorists take note: maybe it was POP Science and Mechanics that financed Stalin and the Reds in order to sell more issues!

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1951 ... know and know!

... why am I more scared of that school janitor with the hammer than the Russkies and their atomic bombs?!


1951 ... no safe place!

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1954 ... Atomic Humor Attempted!

... silly movie- but the source of a lot of childhood nightmares of being stuck in the wrong place at the wrong-time during an atomic test!

... no trailer is available but  here's a short review by 'Matinee' director Joe Dante.

... and for the truly brave - the whole movie in murky YouTube-O-Vision.

1952 ... 'Dangerous Assignment!'

... if you are a fan of this blog- then it's a safe bet that you have fairly eclectic tastes. So I'll share with you my enthusiasm for a wonderfully cornball early Cold-War adventure series- 'Dangerous Assignment'.

Not only does it star stalwart and stout character actor Brian Donlevy; he also produced both the radio and TV series. It's full of heartfelt but hapless melodrama, cheap sets and a cavalcade of fellow character actors. Long before James Bond, two-fisted government agent Steve Mitchell fights the Communist menace all over the globe. Women find his well trimmed mustache and steely eyes irresistible.

(Donlevy was a real life adventure manly-man and an Ace during WW1)

... here is a Link to the 90 radio episodes

... and the Link to the follow-up TV episodes - have fun and tell "The Commissioner" howdy for me!

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1955 ... lot's of B-47 crews!

... it is often overlooked just how many B-47 'Stratojets' were produced ... 2,032!
Almost 3 times the number of B-52's.


1950 ... those pesky "yellow-hordes" at it again!

... interesting map of Asia - viewed through the perspective of the beginning of the Korean War; a very hot chapter of the Cold War.

1951 ... you need Atomic Oil!

... from kid's candy to very small bathing suits; anything can benefit from advertising associating your product with nuclear destruction! 

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..."aircraft number one"

... the Russian equivalent of Air Force One is referred to as 'aircraft number one'. There are several models performing similar functions. The largest and newest is a Ilyushin 96-300 wide body. These images are screen-caps from a Russian TV documentary. LINK