1951 ... Fairchild XC-120 "Packplane"

... LINK

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1947 ... NO to Red Canada!

... who knew that our neighbors to the North also feared gigantic hairy hands from Russia plucking up their blue-green churches! 

1960 ... Polaris test firing

1966 ... "Polaris To Poseidon"

1953 ... better toilets for World War 3 !

... this is the hapless two story average American home mentioned here. It is a series of motion picture frames from "Operation: Upshot Knothole" that we have seen over and over. Only recently have I spotted what appears to be an American Standard toilet being ejected out the back of the dwelling (?)

In the second frame and the enlargement it certainly seems shaped like a toilet.(enlarge each image by: right click/open in new tab) The test house had furniture, mannequins a kitchen. I suppose it would make sense to have a bathroom. Or at least a basic W/C so the doomed store-dummy family would have a place to re-leave themselves as the seconds ticked down to zero.

The initial position and trajectory seem a bit high, unless it was in the attic. However the house is simultaneously collapsing, being pushed backwards and the roof is peeling back. If the toilet was connected to a sturdy waste stack then it is possible that it is simply 'holding it's own' while the house is being blown apart around it.

Given the mystery of "the stray shoe" (see link above) it is also possible that the Corporal in charge of installing the toilet simply stashed it in the attic: not knowing that 61 years later his slovenly actions would be discovered!

... When Britain Ruled the Skies! [video]

... very informative presentation about the British Aerospace Industry after WWII and how it lost it's lead to the United States.

1962 ... 'Commies' on the moon!

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1953 ... safe in the basement!

...  "Operation: Doorstep" a part of "Upshot Knothole" was the construction of several typical American suburban homes at the Nevada test site in order to study blast effects and the effectiveness of various types of shelters. Seen here is a lean to construction in the basement. If everything was pre-cut, you had the right tools and had drunk a couple of cups of black coffee; you could wham it together in, say, 30 minutes?

... the deal is that it worked! At 3,500 feet from ground-zero of shot "Annie" a 16 kiloton  (Hiroshima size A-bomb) the mannequins inside did just fine. However the house did collapse partially into the basement so getting out to find flee or find shelter from the coming fallout would be difficult.

... the shoe? Ironic historical humor? We'll have to check with the Army Corps of Engineers.

... see the KAFLOOEY footage below!

... at about 30 sec. you get to see (for the zillionth time) the kaflooey of the two story house. In still frames; I am sure that a we see an 'American Standard' toilet shoot out the the rear of the second story [more on that later].

... the house is at 3,500 feet from ground zero- which is around the same distance as Indiana Jones finds himself at minus 10 seconds ...

1952 ... first microseconds

... there is some confusion about the terminology. One millionth of a second is a 'Micro-second'. ( I think milliseconds [one thousandth sec]sounds cooler and gets used more often. These images are produced by a "Rapatronic Camera" developed by EG&G.

"... At this point in the explosion, a true hydrodynamic shock front has just formed. Prior to this moment the growth of the fireball was due to radiative transport, i.e. thermal x-rays outran the expanding bomb debris. Now however the fireball expansion is caused by the shock front driven by hydrodynamic pressure (as in a conventional explosion, only far more intense). The glowing surface of the fireball is due to shock compression heating of the air. This means that the fireball is now growing far more slowly than before. The bomb (and shot cab) vapors were initially accelerated to very high velocities (several tens of kilometers/sec) and clumps of this material are now splashing against the back of the shock front in an irregular pattern (due to initial variations in mass distribution around the bomb core), creating the curious mottled appearance." via

... in microsecond time- I second would last 11 days. 13 hrs!

... at 1/15th millionth of a sec - 'footage' of first moments of nuclear detonation- lower kiloton fission weapons tests.

(although toward the end they throw-in footage of the Mike H-bomb test and even some Soviet shots)

1951 ... Korean War - General Ridgway

              ... after MacArthur got to big for his britches, this is the guy who replaced him.

1960 ... B-58 "Weapons Pod"

... one of the many striking features about the B-58 "Hustler" supersonic bomber built by Convair was it's external method of carrying weapons. Instead of the conventional approach of housing bombs inside of it's fuselage, the "Hustler" carried them in an external streamlined 'pod'. This is the two stage pod which carried fuel in the lower section and large yield H-bomb in the upper section. The pod sections could be dropped separately or at the same time. 
image via: upship

... early designs for the "weapons pod" conceived of an all in one design [images on left]. The fuel tended to leak into the bomb area resulting in a soggy H-bomb. Another concept foresaw converting the pod into a 'stand-off' weapon [images on right]. A rocket motor and fuel would be fitted and the pod-rocket fired at the target from some distance. Too complicated!  image via: upship

... the real deal. Forward area of the two piece B-58 "weapons pod" Notice how the two sections fit snugly together. photo credit: not the fake nate

1953 ... more from "Atomic Attack" #5

... I remember talking with a guy in Russia who grew-up during the Cold-War. He said they didn't have any of this cool stuff for Soviet kids.

1947 ... Martin XB-48

... you look at these pictures and film and even a little kid would say..."No, No - I want a modern bomber!"

1947 ... Martin XB-48

... coming from a WW2 request for America's first jet-bomber the B-48 was part of the class of '45 designs. Also included; Bomber designs # 45, 46 and the very successful Boeing B-47 Stratojet.

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1958 ... Operation Hardtack: shot - Orange

ABM effects test, W-39 warhead, part of Operation Newsreel (high altitude tests), carried on a Redstone rocket. Altitude 28 miles. 4 megaton.