1962 ... "A New Line of Sight"

... we can all be very glad that the test-ban and other treaties helped to keep space from becoming militarized!


1951 ... "Airpower America"

... nifty animated film about the history of war and air power - from clubs to atom bombs!


1957 ... Soviet Badger bomber - recognition film

1959 ... "Project Pluto: The 'Big Stick'"

... ooo - new ways to annihilate millions! This concept had a un-shielded atomic reactor powered ramjet engine - so just looking at it could kill you!


1956 ... F-106 Delta Dart!

... I do not know why - all these years I have turned up my nose at the Convair 'Delta' family. It just looked a little boring. And I thought it was 'small'; when it really is rather huge! 

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1965 ... new views - XB-70 in flight!

... I thought I had seen all the footage of the XB-70 "Valkyrie" - but all of this is new to me!


1953 ... last hurrah for Sea-planes!

1953 ... big battlefield BLAM!

... it is amazing how fast the Atomic Bomb went from something that was a delicate, painstakingly assembled 'gadget' tested at Alamogordo, NM ...  to an artillery projectile fired out of a cannon. 


1953 ... Fairy Gannet (my photo-illustration)


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R-7 ... (my photo-illus work)

... I used to unkindly joke that the Russians lost the cold-War because they had such long names. This is the mainstay, workhorse rocket of the Russian space program. It is part of a long line originating with their original ICBM. Just as the USA is still using rockets derived from the original Atlas ICBM. Whether it's a 'Vostok' or a 'Soyuz' or a poet named Yury Andreyevich Zhivago I'm still trying to figure out!  LINK

... so they are always rolling these huge steampunk missiles out of vast dimly lit buildings using grimy locomotives - but sure enough; as soon as I complete this illustration they unveil their brand new clean and sparkling far east Cosmodrome at Vostochny.


1971 ... EA-6B Prowler (my photo-illustration)


... you and your nuclear weapons!

... Pantex is the US nuclear weapons assembly and fix-it shop; It has been ever since we started playing with atomic bombs. They put them together, upgrade them and take them apart for 'retirement'. (here's a helpful chart from them). 

Here's a link to their friendly website ... and... hey- they're hiring! - and they have a bowling team! ... and ... [klaxon horns and flashing lights] --- we are a major big-time center for National Security --- before you pack your bowling bag and resume' --- make sure you have an appointment or we will attack you with big dogs and shoot you - not necessarily in that order!

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1960 ... the SIOP

... 55 years ago- we would have all gone to jail for having this page of the "Single Integrated Operational Plan" (SIOP)

1947 ... Armed Forces Special Weapons Project

... oooo - just to be sure everyone knew they were 'special' - the original group responsible for Atomic Bombs in the US Armed Forces - they got an emblem that left no doubt to what they were up to.


1950 ... B-36 on recon over USSR!

... this is a recent photo-illustration project I completed. One of the fun things about these projects is being able to create situations and 'documenting' images that have never been seen before. In the early 1950's, there was a window of opportunity,  when very high altitude reconnaissance flights by 'Peacekeepers' over the Soviet Union were possible. 'Featherweight' B-36's [stripped of all guns except for the tail cannon] were able to attain altitudes of 53,000 feet!  At that height triple A, SAM's and even Mig-15 fighters could not harm them. Here we see a pair of Migs skidding past the big bomber in a failing attempt to maneuver in the thin, thin air. If they dare to fire off their guns it will cause a stall and spin to a lower altitude. 

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1954 ... defending those harbors!

... seems like the set-up that was used (rather in-effectively) against all those amphibious monsters in the 1950's: Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Giant Behemoth and Gorgo!


1952 ... here comes the B-52!

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1953 ... bobbing Brits!

... Vulcans in a row!