' ... old Iron Ass'

... General Curtis LeMay - Father of the Strategic Air Command.

... Hustler 'Pod' Revealed!

... America's supersonic, medium range atomic bomber, the B-58 'Hustler' was designed with an unconventional weapons delivery system. Instead of an internal bombay that was a part of the planes body, weapons would be carried in a large aerodynamic 'pod' under the belly of the aircraft. There were a variety of configurations; including a pod within- a- pod system. This allowed for extra fuel to be carried as well as Hydrogen Bombs. After it had run dry the outer fuel tank could be dropped away leaving the smaller 'bomb' pod- or you could just say 'screw-you' and throw the whole thing at the enemy. Whatever menus were selected it allowed the bomber to shed a lot of weight and drag and go into 'run-like-hell mode' after it has performed it's door to door service.

... Atomic Comics!

... comic books about the destruction of humanity were a bit much- even for the war-mongering 1950's. There were only four issues of 'Atomic War' printed. If you want to see the 4th cover you'll have to prowl back through the earlier posts!

1945 ... Hiroshima bomb 'Little Boy'

... top photo is of the actual weapon, in the sunken loading pit, before it was jacked up into the bombay of the B-29 Superfortress. Second photo is of a 'Man of the Future' viewing a replica, 60 years later, at the Atomic Weapons Museum in New Mexico.


... historical meagatonage

... very interesting view of the initial huge lead the United States possessed and the ensuing Soviet catch-up. Remember your facts and figures: one megaton = one million tons of TNT.