1952 ...'ground support'

... during the Korean War using aircraft to provide 'close air-support' for fighting forces on the ground was further developed. Of course the gung-ho guys at 'Mechanix Illustrated' thought up some helpful, and weird, suggestions.

1949 ... prone pilot

... putting the pilot in a prone position was thought to be a way to help get through the high gravity forces of jet maneuvers. Instead 'g-suits' were developed; garments that tightened and kept blood from draining away from the upper body. It was also really hard to fly in this wacky position!

1956 ... Talos missiles

... your choice- with or without nuclear warhead!

... here's your orientation film sailor! ( I'm starting to like the music on these Special Weapons' films)


... SAC command center

... Offutt AFB, sixty feet underground, Nebraska. Mid 1960's.


1951 ... C-54 medical transport

... what a great photo!