1960 ... Mk-4 and W-38

This is the 'warhead' used on most Atlas and some Titan ICBM's in the early 1960's. It rides on the very top of the missile. Toward the end of the ballistic trajectory the blunt nose will endure the heat of atmospheric re-entry and the H-bomb in the center section will detonate. The W-38 H-bomb in this 'package' had a yield of 3.75 megatons. The entire assembly weighed 3,080 lbs- about the same as a 1965 Ford Mustang.









1964 ... Texas Federal Bunker!

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1960 ... B-52 'Stratofortress'

1952 ... here comes the nuclear submarine!

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1959 ... Jimmy rides again!


... Air Force General James Stewart narrates this story of a day in the life of a bomber pilot in the Strategic Air Command. The big worry is getting home in time for little Jenny's piano recital. But first he has to fly half-way around the globe practicing the delivery of Mega-Death. Aside from his unusual job; our pilot is just a regular guy, good neighbor and is stuck commuting on a cranky motor-scooter!

1961 ... playtime in the fallout shelter!


1951 ... Italy takes note!

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1954 ... Miss Atomic Bomb!

 ... yes boys and girls there was a Miss Atomic Bomb! Linda Lawson was officially know as 'Miss Cue'. Named after the 1954, 29 kiloton 'Apple 2' shot, of the Teapot series of tests.



1964 ... and now a word about the purity of your bodily fluids!

 ... production stills from 'Dr. Stranglove'. Removable section of control panel to facilitate just the right camera angle. Director Stanley Kubrick shooting handheld B-52 cockpit scene. Note that Peter Sellars is performing the role of Command Pilot Major Kong. Early in the production Sellars was to have performed the role of the cowboy ace. Sellars was injured and could no longer work in the confined aircraft interior set. Slim Pickens was called in to nail the iconic role.

1960 ... construction on a monumental scale!

 ... wish I had a bigger better version of this. Construction of a 'hardened' underground Atlas ICBM site. I can easily imagine what it must have been like to be down there on a Friday evening after quitting time. Long shadows and golden light. Dust blowing in eddies and swirls. Still and silent after the din of heavy equipment. All of it like a vast excavation dig of a timeless temple. In reverse;  being built and then buried.


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1952 ... North American F-86D 'Sabre-Dog'





1963 ... down below!

 ... scene from the movie 'Failsafe'. In the bunker 'waaay' down under the White House.


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... Site- R "Raven's Rock"

 ... amongst the various Cold-War bunkers built by the US Govt, Site-R remains one of my favorites. Unlike Cheyenne Mountain and the Greenbriar Bunker it's not on 'Myth-busters' or The National Geographic channel every other week.

Completed in 1953 and located in rural Pennsylvania speculation remains as to upgrades it has received over the years. Is it the HUCC  (Hardened Underground Command Center)? Which means 'super-duper' hardened. Cut to scene of The President brushing the rock dust off his shoulders, shaking his fist at the ceiling and yelling "... 50 megatons, is that all 'ya got!"

We do know, from this nifty photo that Boris and Natasha provided, that mainly black or white SUVs and pick-up trucks are parked there. Except for the yellow Prius that probably belongs to that 'pinko' down in research!

Also fun to note that it never was 'secret'; at least as far as the local papers:

... somewhere hot!

... it's possible that even the British ground crew for this RAF 'Vulcan'  didn't know where they were on a this practice forward deployment.

Someplace that had USAF F-100's!


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1960 ... child's play!

 ... I am always surprised by how early the original 'Polaris' submarines went into service!  (LINK)








1957 ... designs, tests, builds!

 ... because there are never enough probe and drogue pictures! 



1959 ... Cold - War staredown!