1956 ... F-106 Delta Dart!

... I do not know why - all these years I have turned up my nose at the Convair 'Delta' family. It just looked a little boring. And I thought it was 'small'; when it really is rather huge! 

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1965 ... new views - XB-70 in flight!

... I thought I had seen all the footage of the XB-70 "Valkyrie" - but all of this is new to me!


1953 ... last hurrah for Sea-planes!

1953 ... big battlefield BLAM!

... it is amazing how fast the Atomic Bomb went from something that was a delicate, painstakingly assembled 'gadget' tested at Alamogordo, NM ...  to an artillery projectile fired out of a cannon. 


1953 ... Fairy Gannet (my photo-illustration)


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R-7 ... (my photo-illus work)

... I used to unkindly joke that the Russians lost the cold-War because they had such long names. This is the mainstay, workhorse rocket of the Russian space program. It is part of a long line originating with their original ICBM. Just as the USA is still using rockets derived from the original Atlas ICBM. Whether it's a 'Vostok' or a 'Soyuz' or a poet named Yury Andreyevich Zhivago I'm still trying to figure out!  LINK

... so they are always rolling these huge steampunk missiles out of vast dimly lit buildings using grimy locomotives - but sure enough; as soon as I complete this illustration they unveil their brand new clean and sparkling far east Cosmodrome at Vostochny.


1971 ... EA-6B Prowler (my photo-illustration)