1960's ... West German fallout shelter

... plenty of room for long walks.

... backyard suburbia

... as dramatically iconic as the single family fall-out shelter was,  relatively few were actually built.

Looks like these folks had some extra concrete left over so they paved the backyard!

1958 ... 'Steve Canyon' tv show

'Steve Canyon' began as a long running newspaper adventure comic strip. The strip was created by Milton Caniff in 1947, the same year as the Air Force became a separate service.
In 1958, Dean Fredericks played Col. Canyon in 34 episodes of the television version on NBC.

Fun for Cold War weirdos and plane enthusiasts, boring for normal folk.
Episodes display very accurate details and are focused on hardware and training. Dean Fredericks went on to star in 'The Phantom Planet' in 1961


... gotta love a site that's named 'Rip Haywire' !

1956 ... 'Operation Alert'

... 'Operation Alert:1956' was a nationwide Civil Defense drill. During the exercise President Eisenhower and other members of the government were evacuated from Washington DC to a remote tent city. Evacuation was a viable Civil Defense option during a 'crisis' situation when Nuclear War might seem imminent. In 1956, before ICBM missiles, Russian bombers would take more than eight hours to reach American cities.