1950 ... city life-belts!

... ideas of such huge construction projects might seem extreme; but remember that America's Interstate Highway System was partly a Cold War defense project!

1952 ... call sign “Vagabond-Able" !

... it should be noted; although USCG Courier was clearly part of the propaganda efforts of the Cold War, broadcasts like those described were generally truthful and relayed the same news that was available in 'free' countries. It was correctly felt that too much propaganda and sermonizing would be obvious and in the end it was the truth that would win out. They also played good music which kept them popular!

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1959 ... promo: 'On The Beach'

.. a great film and very helpful in understanding the gloom and doom of the Cold War.
The story depends on the fact that World War Three was fought with 'doomsday weapons'; hydrogen-bombs 'salted' with Cobalt ... extending the radiation lethality from weeks to years. Such weapons were researched but never built or deployed. Never the less; the concept is part of the well established folklore of atomic war.

1950 ... as described by Jesus!

... wow- who knew that Jesus Christ and his disciples were nuclear physicists!

1957 ... missile testing!

... in the 1950's large Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles still had not been perfected. The first guided missiles with a range capable of hitting Soviet targets from great distance were large air-breathing drones. (think of a Cruise Missile- only as big and same shaped as a 1950's jet fighter) While the US Air Force worked on it's land-based 'Snark' the Navy pushed ahead with a submarine based missile named the 'Regulus'

The above photo shows the Landing Ship USS King County being outfitted with a Regulas launching hangar similar to what would be fitted to submarines. Drier and roomier than a sub, and not busy doing anything else,  the King County spent four years serving various roles in support of missile development. Regulus was eventually deployed not only purpose built submarines but also surface operating cruisers and air-craft carriers.

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1978 ... a Titan 2 in your future!

... cheerful little promo for the advanced Titan ICBM system.

(1990?) ... Soviet nuclear missile train!

 ... shown here as a museum piece; this is the USSR's equal to 'Peacekeeper Rail Garrison' alternative ICBM basing proposal of the late 1980's.

... of course Lionel model trains was decades ahead of either superpower!

... another Miss Atomic Blast!

... at first glance I thought it was Nancy Regan!

... Underground World Home Inc. (final installment)

... here's a LINK to the first of several entries about this fantastic luxury bunker in Las Vegas.

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