1961 ... playtime in the fallout shelter!


1951 ... Italy takes note!

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1954 ... Miss Atomic Bomb!

 ... yes boys and girls there was a Miss Atomic Bomb! Linda Lawson was officially know as 'Miss Cue'. Named after the 1954, 29 kiloton 'Apple 2' shot, of the Teapot series of tests.



1964 ... and now a word about the purity of your bodily fluids!

 ... production stills from 'Dr. Stranglove'. Removable section of control panel to facilitate just the right camera angle. Director Stanley Kubrick shooting handheld B-52 cockpit scene. Note that Peter Sellars is performing the role of Command Pilot Major Kong. Early in the production Sellars was to have performed the role of the cowboy ace. Sellars was injured and could no longer work in the confined aircraft interior set. Slim Pickens was called in to nail the iconic role.

1960 ... construction on a monumental scale!

 ... wish I had a bigger better version of this. Construction of a 'hardened' underground Atlas ICBM site. I can easily imagine what it must have been like to be down there on a Friday evening after quitting time. Long shadows and golden light. Dust blowing in eddies and swirls. Still and silent after the din of heavy equipment. All of it like a vast excavation dig of a timeless temple. In reverse;  being built and then buried.


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1952 ... North American F-86D 'Sabre-Dog'