... first millionth of a second.

Super-duper high speed photography (we're talking 1- ten millionth of a sec) of the birth of a Hiroshima size atomic blast. Top photo the fireball is a couple hundred feet across still vaporinzing the tall tower it was mounted on. Second photo the fireball is expanding and beginning to touch the desert floor of the Nevada test site. Not sure if these are from the same 'shot'. Sometime in the 1950's.


Doc Edgerton who founded EG&G is the father of the high powered studio stobe lights that I have used all my career as a fashion photographer.

The Arctic was a pretty important place during the Cold War. It was from the North and over the Pole that the Russian bombers would come. It was the shortest and fastest route.

... here's the AV Kid with a cool newsreel about the Distant Early Warning line (DEW)