... scare you silly!

... local Civil Defense authorities put out all sorts of pamphlets and posters. Few can equal the classic Mid-Century Modern design of this one! ( Not coincidentally, minus the fireball,  it resembles the opening sequence of a least half a dozen TV dramas of the era).

"... gee Bob, don't you think that illustration for the front of our flyer is a bit extreme?"
"Well- we toned it down from the incinerated puppy dogs we had earlier!"

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... defending America's model railroads!

... really big golf-ball !!

... there's that phrase "the landscape of the Cold-War". This gigantic radome, part of the NORAD's radar warning system, is testament to the reality of that phrase. Towering antennas, vast air-bases, underground complexes; it was a construction project to dwarf the Pyramids. Even America's interstate highway system was pushed through Congress as vital to moving troops and supplies during World War Three.

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... from ICBM to Space Vehicle

... sharing a common cornerstone of the Cold War both the Soviet and USA early space programs relied on nuclear weapons delivery rockets (re-purposed) as the stepping stones to the stars. L-R USSR Soyuz  USA Redstone, Atlas, Titan.


1962 ... "A New Line of Sight"

... we can all be very glad that the test-ban and other treaties helped to keep space from becoming militarized!


1951 ... "Airpower America"

... nifty animated film about the history of war and air power - from clubs to atom bombs!


1957 ... Soviet Badger bomber - recognition film

1959 ... "Project Pluto: The 'Big Stick'"

... ooo - new ways to annihilate millions! This concept had a un-shielded atomic reactor powered ramjet engine - so just looking at it could kill you!