... really big golf-ball !!

... there's that phrase "the landscape of the Cold-War". This gigantic radome, part of the NORAD's radar warning system, is testament to the reality of that phrase. Towering antennas, vast air-bases, underground complexes; it was a construction project to dwarf the Pyramids. Even America's interstate highway system was pushed through Congress as vital to moving troops and supplies during World War Three.

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Jim said...

Think I accidentally posted this to the wrong place first, but I'll type it again here -
Speaking of interstate highways, does anyone know if the urban legend is true that they were designed to have a straight stretch every couple of miles, that is long enough and wide enough for a cargo jet to land and take off?

james vaughan said...

... sounds plausible.

Larry C. said...

Have heard similar, but it was a straight two mile stretch every so often so that military aircraft could use in case of emergency.