1960 ... if it goes Boom! - we build it!

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1963 ... arms and arsenals.

... in 1963 what the United States had available, or soon to be, in ICBMs.
(top to bottom) Atlas, Minuteman, Titan and Polaris.

Art by the wonderful Boris Artzybasheff


1960 ... minding the future!

1955 ... a good guess?!

... not at all a good guess! Looks more like the captured German V2's Americans had been playing with as opposed to the Soyuz rocket the Russians were developing.

... meanwhile; down-under!

...being a professional photographer for most of my life, I can name two or three things that could go wrong to make this photo look so creepy. Not to mention a bunch of radiation!

... no, the Australians do not have nuclear weapons. England tested their nuclear weapons in Australia - which is largely uninhabited. (unlike the British Isles which are very populated!) 


1957 ... brains needed!

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1960 ... going 'crusin' with the Mace!

... before ICBM's were deployed , the US researched and deployed a limited number of early 'cruise' missiles. Shown here is the CGM-13 Mace; jet powered with rocket assisted launch from hardened above ground bunker.

... life in the trenches!

... you may loose your sanity - but it might save your life!

(Remember; depending on conditions, it may be safe to
go out for short periods after the first week of your two week
sheltering period. Consult your Geiger counter or 
the local Conelrad radio station.)


1948 ... more dreams of flying aircraft carriers!

... B-36 'Peacemaker' shown carrying 'parasite' fighters.