... keep a look-out!

... good thing I didn't see this as a kid! What fun it would have been to strap on my Mattel Dick Tracy .38 shoulder holster everytime Mom and I drove Dad to the airport. There I'd be tailing any guy in a raincoat with a heavy suitcase. Especially if he had a large white placard over his face!

... here's a related Link that makes for interesting reading

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... meanwhile; in picturesque Europe!

 ... Boris and Natasha left these at the drop - but aside from them being "G-Whiz Golly" pictures of NATO infantry punching it out with Soviet armor - I have no idea what's going on? Is it Soviet instructions on what not to do when visiting the scenic sights of the Fulda Gap or the mysteries of the Ardenn Forest?

1960 ... bunches of Nuclear Subs!

... many historians say the development of the nuclear powered submarine and the underwater launched ballistic missile was a salvation to humanity. At the time of it's introduction it was a invulnerable deterrent force. It was a guarantee of the doctrine of 'Mutual Assured Destruction'. A 'balance' of power which makes nuclear war unwinnable - and just not worth the trouble. "Oh bother - now I've done it and gone and wiped out the human race! ... me bad!"

The first US nuclear sub started construction in 1952 (just seven years after WWII) and was launched 2 years later. Six years later there were 33 'boats' in the water and nine of them missile carrying Polaris class.

It would be cool to call the "Shark" your home... not so sure about the "Snook"!