... downwind

From our 1960's Civil Defense friends, a film about Fallout with music as spooky as this map!


Autumnforest said...

That confirms for me that Oregon is the state I should be living in. I thought that was because it has gorgeous coastlines and open-minded educated liberals, but perhaps it was just the instinctive knowledge that no one is going to bomb it.

Pat Flannery said...

"Ten, twenty million dead, tops. Depending on the breaks."
I can't figure out why the Minot AFB in North Dakota rates only a one megaton bomb, despite being the major storage point for US tactical air-dropped nuclear weapons, but on the other hand, Minneapolis gets fried with a ten megaton bomb despite having no real military value.
And how did Grand Forks AFB escape attack?
(I live right under the fallout cloud from Minot in Jamestown, ND BTW)