... ignorance is dangerous!

... it is not surprising that during decades of fear and constant tension; Nuclear Weapons would accumulate their own mythology and superstition. Their power is often referred to a "beyond comprehension". Atomic War is talked about with Biblical comparisons like Doomsday or Armageddon. Few people choose to delve into the science of nuclear physics or consider the complex political maze of "mutual assured deterrence".

But knowledge is better than ignorance. Knowledge makes for better, more rational decisions. Knowledge is safer.

(after writing the above grand and glorious statement: I stopped to realize that the blogspot of 'Atomic Annihilation' is a rather specialized interest. The majority of 'my readers' are not here because they made a mistake while looking for "Vegas girls gone wild". So to you my brethren I say; "Go forth and educate the masses. Yeh - lecture them in half-life decay and the Teller-Ulam theory. Recite the long line of the descendants of MIRV and NIKE. Fight back against the forces of fatalism and sarcasm.")

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