... pre-fab fallout shelter!


Autumnforest said...

Why, it's a regular home away from doom. I love how the family is still all dressed nicely and reading stories. They probably would have read that same book 800 times by the time they could leave there. Not to mention the "stop touching me!" between the kids and the mom saying "Spam again for supper!" It kind of reminds me of burying a septic tank and probably is just as rank after a couple weeks. I remember as a kid, someone had one of these in his yard. Everyone was intrigued by it and he wasn't supposed to tell anyone because his parents didn't want the neighbors pounding down the hatch when the Commies attacked. We actually envied him more than the kid who had a swimming pool.

Paul Barden said...

"Well, honey....800 years has passed. I think we can probably leave now, whaddaya say?" The kids are starting to get restless, and to be honest, I need to restock the pantry....."

"Kidde Kokoon"
Where can I get one?!