1947 ... Atomic Energy Commission

... the Atomic Energy Commission was a civilian arm of the Federal Government which took over control of the development of atomic power and atomic weapons from the military. For America's 'Atomic Age' they were the guys who built bigger and better bombs, tried to talk us into atomic power plants in our backyards and kept an eye on all those giant mutant radioactive ants and fifty-foot women wondering around the American Southwest. For awhile, before the planners got a little more practical, the AEC owned all of our atomic bombs. The Air Force would have to call them and ask to borrow a few if they wanted to fight a nuclear war.

Sadly, by 1974 grim white guys with crew cuts who smoked Camels were no longer in fashion. The agency was split up into several other organizations with less threatening more modern names like "The Department of Overkill and Snuggly Kittens' and "Milk, Cookies and Radiological Waste'


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