1949 ... "First Lightning" (Первая молния)

... oooo- until recently, all of this was very, very secret stuff!!  Historical photos of the early Soviet atomic bomb project. The color photo at the top is from 1999 and shows some of the great-brave-patriotic comrades who thought up and put together Russia's atomic bombs. The old photos are supposed to be the test stand for the first detonation and a 'weaponized' version that could be air-dropped. 

I'm not sure what to make of the older photos!? The idea of billions of rubles being poured into an ultimate scientific achievement that winds up sitting on a crude wooden stand in the middle of the woods...? Stern worker-peasant standing next to oil-stained 'bombski' ...? Is this a joke? An attempt at dis-information? Or, is reality stranger than fiction and the CIA guys were rolling in the aisles?  

The basics are correct. Hmmm... Well, many of the photos of America's first test in 1945 in New Mexico look like a bunch of scrawny college kids lost on a dude-ranch.

The 1999 photo? Heck- it's a bunch of kindly old Grand-pa's!  

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