innocent Western Youth led Astray!

I sent away for this when I was about eight. It was one of the great disillusionments of my life.
It really was just a big painted cardboard box! I never trusted advertising again. Long live Lenin!


Jaky said...

damn! your blog is super cool!

@eloh said...

I remember the excitement of sending off for things listed in the back of comic books or a cereal box. All the planning and saving and the waiting for the mail..only to be disappointed.

Sharon Day said...

Then I trust you weren't one of those nasty boys on the playground with the x-ray glasses he got from an ad in a magazine? I remember one of the boys announcing my underwear were pink. I thought for sure the glasses worked. I wore a coat the next day to school. I heard him later that day on the playground announcing to every girl her panties were pink. Boys and their toys!