1965 ... building 'in' shelter

... as a kid growing up during the 'hottest' years of the Cold War, and having a vivid imagination, I was always aware of the shelter potential of any structure I was in. 
The above example would have been a winner on my list. It reminds me of the modern "International Style' Protestant church we went to.  The big deserted glass lobby would be great for a quick run upstairs to check the rad level and peer at the glowing landscape. "Ooo- Buicks melt the best!" However there was likely to be a crowd of decaying atomic-zombies pressing there gooey faces against all that plate glass. I'd also have to keep an eye on the large planter area under the flying staircase because atomic-zombies love hiding behind rubber trees.

LBJ sure has the look of a guy who always keeps his six-shooters loaded with plenty of megatonage.
Black and white Presidents looked much more grim and ready with their atomic trigger-fingers. Although the secret was that Reagan was really black and white and they just added the color with make-up.


JRSM said...

Your church story is very familiar... I was similarly obsessed with working out the survival odds of the buildings I was in (I grew up in Australia very close to a US missile tracking station, so assumed I'd be in a target zone0.

Thanks for this site, by the way--lots of chilling nostalgia, and some seriously impresive research.

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