... Cowboys And Reds!

... newly released documents from the former Soviet Union indicate, that while visiting Hollywood on his U.S. visit, Premier Khrushchev challenged actor John Wayne to a...

"shood-em-up at za OK'd Korral moo-cow place". 

Unfortunately Wayne was on location filming 'Genghis Kahn'.


Anonymous said...

And getting cancer because of the nuclear fallout coming from the Nevada Ground Test when shooting that film.

91 people of the film crew developed some form of cancer.


Neil R said...

I know it's been a while since "Anonymous" posted the tired old story about how John Wayne et al contracted cancer from a bomb test.
Wayne was also a chain smoker, as were several of his castmates.
There's also a large crew of people that didn't contract cancer.
Perhaps they were ducking and covering that day?