1957 ... 'trash-can' bomb

... MK-39 hydrogen bomb. Four megaton yield. 700 produced. A distinctly non-glamorous design. Capable of being fitted inside the early guided missiles of the time. Also used as the payload in the B-58 'Hustler' weapons pod. The big- bruiser did not seem to suffer from an inferiority complex despite it's distinctly non-aerodynamic shape. Liked to go bowling on Saturday nights and drink lots of beer. Frequented strip clubs near the armories on the seedier part of town.

When used as a 'free-fall' weapon, released from a strategic bombers bombay, a slightly rounded nose and stubby fins were attached. The slightly rounded nose on these devices was filled with a honeycomb material. A parachute was deployed from a package on the rear of the weapon. In the 'lay-down' setting the bomb would would land on the ground at a stately pace, crushing the shock absorbing nose. There was a time delay fuze option.

... makes your imagination work overtime- seeing one of these things crunch into some Moscow backyard. A little old lady in a ba-bushka beating it with a rake because it ruined her plot of prize turnips.... '3,2,1,0.'

[ Scientist holding onto the front -optional ]