1961 ... all in one!

... makes sense for all those frugal post-depression Dad's to try to get the most peace-time use out of their doomsday bunkers! Considering that estimating materials is one of the hardest parts of any DYI construction project; I'll bet there was all kinds of backyard additions made out of the leftovers. Of course a patio and with an outdoor grill is the perfect disguise. How many sleepless nights were caused when Mr. Smith built a backyard shelter but his foolish neighbors did not?

... hmmm- looks like the next-door neighbor's wife has been invited to ride out 'the big-one' along with June and his always cheerful son Bobby. Maybe Smith has already laid plans for his patriotic duty of re-populating a devastated America? Perhaps the neighbor husband has just conveniently fallen down that backyard wishing well that Smith so kind-heatedly built for him with the rented backhoe and all that left over brick? 

... could it be that there is no Conelrad alert at all? Is ever industrious Smith just now completing a plan of the best way to avoid the next twenty years of integration, hippies and women's lib? Tune into next week's 'Twilight Zone' and maybe we can get some answers from that screenwriter, standing over there by the garage smoking a Lucky.

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