RESTRICTED DATA: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog!

... new discovery of a great source of information about nuclear weapons and the Cold War - "Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog" . Above is a small portion of the thousands of people who worked on WW2's Manhattan Project (as depicted from their ID badge photos). Follow this LINK to get an interactive pan and zoom image [click full screen in lower right].

This is a very large in depth source of well researched information. Very scholarly- but entertaining. (hey, I see you bozos in the back of the class rolling your eyes!) Lots of PDF downloads of formerly CLASSIFIED materials. Print them out and put in clear-vue binders and flash them around; impress your friends; scare your teachers and get a date from that hottie in your Physics class!

[looking closely at those ID photos makes me think this is yet another example of really bad government photography ie: don't do a good job or that's what they'll expect all the time!]

all images- Right click- open in New Window= super colossal size!


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