1954 ... all the glory!

... here we have NACA test-pilot George Cooper doing the brave test-pilot pose by his sleek and wonderful F-86D North American "Sabre-Dog". Here at Atomic-Annihilation we try to keep a balanced and politically correct presentation of the Nuclear Triad. But let's face it; missile silos and submarines are not nearly as cool looking as big silvery airplanes.

For gosh sakes- two legs of the Triad are either underwater or underground! The reality is;  for the first twenty years of the Cold War the deterrent force was either exclusively airborne or heavily reliant on it. And nobody remembers the good old Army! Between their battlefield atomic artillery, short and medium range missiles and the nuclear tipped Nike anti-aircraft batteries, the Army had the biggest pile of warheads by number if not by megatonage.

... yep - the Air Force gets all the primo 'photo-ops'.

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