1970's ... "Comrade Ivan"

... a valiant attempt to produce a 'hip' and 'really with-it' info pamphlet for US troops facing down the Soviet juggernaut in Europe. Seems the first Lieutenant they had for the cover just wasn't 'groovy' enough so they got a blond Ken Doll type for the rest of the briefing inside. There is a total of 28 pages; so we'll be visiting and learning more from our 'bro' Ivan over the next couple of months.  

... from what I hear from friends who were stationed in Germany in the 1970's this great piece of literature would have fit right in with the Jimi Hendrix and the black light posters. 

"Hey dude- roll another one and read us that Ivan booklet again- I love how you do that Russian accent thing!" 


Anonymous said...

Leaves me wanting to see the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, on the left-side of the "pond" at Sheppard AFB at the same timeframe, I and my aircraft maintenance training class was sitting in a conference room and given a one-day briefing on Soviet intentions and training methods. The intentions part was a CIA-written, multi-projector briefing on new aircraft developments - including the almost-mythical aircraft code-named "The Caspian Sea Monster" that got Western analysts worried (learned decades later it was the experimental Ekranoplan). Training methods was a CBS video narrated by Mike Wallace showing Russian basic training - pointing out specially the parade goose-step that implied WW2 German. But the semi-circular conference room was pretty cool to sit in.

Don M said...

Great post, you inspired me to dig this up: http://brazosevilempire.blogspot.com/2014/11/cold-war-soviet-equipment-recognition.html