1983 ... gee-whiz!

... great illustration for a speculative fighter hot-rod. Seems to be using hydrogen 'zip-fuel'. From time to time engineers try to come up with a more exotic miracle fuel that will radically improve the performance of air-breathing aircraft.

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Jeff Swearingen said...

I remember seeing that ad in Aviation Week back in 1983 when I was growing up. My father was a pilot for TWA then and had a subscription to AWST (although I'm not sure if he actually read it that much) but it was certainly my favorite magazine--the large defense contractors had some great print ad campaigns, although I did wonder who exactly they were actually advertising to. :-)

Being a nuclear policy geek I'm really enjoying your Atomic Annihilation blog and I've had a lot of fun browsing through your flickr albums. Thanks for sharing!

Jeff Swearingen
San Francisco, CA