1952 ... 'Dangerous Assignment!'

... if you are a fan of this blog- then it's a safe bet that you have fairly eclectic tastes. So I'll share with you my enthusiasm for a wonderfully cornball early Cold-War adventure series- 'Dangerous Assignment'.

Not only does it star stalwart and stout character actor Brian Donlevy; he also produced both the radio and TV series. It's full of heartfelt but hapless melodrama, cheap sets and a cavalcade of fellow character actors. Long before James Bond, two-fisted government agent Steve Mitchell fights the Communist menace all over the globe. Women find his well trimmed mustache and steely eyes irresistible.

(Donlevy was a real life adventure manly-man and an Ace during WW1)

... here is a Link to the 90 radio episodes

... and the Link to the follow-up TV episodes - have fun and tell "The Commissioner" howdy for me!

all images- Right click- open in New Window or Tab = super colossal size!

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