1947 ... looks like fun!

"... let's see: racial bigotry (check), crazed lust (check), boy on boy Tango (check), depressed, hooded cults (check)! Anything else we need to put on the 'to do' list when we conquer the capitalist-swine Americans comrade?"

Seems the Catechetical Guild Educational Society in St. Paul, Minnesota was jumping the gun a bit with the Commie paranoia for 1947 - heck, the Russkies didn't even have their own A-bomb yet.

Well, the CGES of St. Paul sure went down in history for scaring little kid stiff over those Godless Communists; it has it's own Wikipedia entry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Is_This_Tomorrow%3F

And I know that you'll be under the sheets all night with a flashlight reading the entire comic book here:  https://flashbak.com/tomorrow-red-scare-comic-book-1947-391142/


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