... Closer than we think!

... love this series that ran in newspapers from the late 50's thru the early 60's.

... here's a LINK to an album on one of my other sites.

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thingmaker said...

OK, these remind me of the ads in comic books for sets of toys, usually sold as simple games like "Convoy Terror" (With 64 warships including submarines and a battle mat representing the ocean) or "Woods Edge", a game with exploding tanks and defending soldiers on a map representing a WWII European town.
1) PUSH BUTTON WAR! Two modern armies in 3d plastic - With 2 War Room Battle Mats, 4 Generals, 12 Staff Officers, 4 WAFs, 8 technicians, 2 Big Air Base Battle Mats, 12 Pilots in Spacesuits, 12 Manned Strato-Rockets, 4 Anti- Rocket Rockets with Spring-Action Launchers.
2)I could go on but the "DECOY AIRCRAFT" illustration reminds me of the covers of Jeff Suttons 1959-1960 paperbacks "Bombs in Orbit" and "Spacehive". Look 'em up, you'll like 'em.
3) And for COLOSSAL CROPS, I'm seeing a special Marx Playset, akin to the Farm playset, (which for most kids wound up being at the center of clashes between green and grey toy soldiers)... But the WALKING CRANE and the Jetsons "Tractor" (pulling giant corn!) seem like perfect toys. You would naturally need some giant agricultural pests, but with the GAMMA RAY "SPRINKLER", you'ld have to kinda assume giant bugs! Oh boy this sounds like fun!