... Vulcan Strategic Bomber (UK)

... the Brits came up with some fantastic aircraft. The Avro Vulcan was just damned scary looking. More like something from Mars rather than the land of tea and crumpets!

I am very partial to the all white 'anti-flash' version shown here. 



thingmaker said...

Need I mention that, to those of us in a certain age group,this plane is linked only with Thunderball?

Anonymous said...

Used to watch Valcans do "touch and goes" on the runway at my old base RAF Alconbury. Watching them was pretty impressive but always wondered if something that big can land on a tactical airstrip. Later, all doubt went away when C-5's landed on that strip.

Perkypenguin said...

Depressing thought is that many missions were so deep into Russia there was not enough fuel to get home and, even if there was, the. counter strikes would’ve destroyed most airfields