1950's ... the "Aluminum Overcast"

 ... a 'flight' of B-36 'Peacemakers' darkening the sky. I miss my childhood days (late 50's early 60's) when the USAF was much more keen on burning aviation fuel and scaring the barnyard chickens. All sorts of stuff used to go zooming over my small Ohio town. We got to see our "tax dollars at work!".

It was in fact reassuring and instilled some pride and sense of patriotism. For those of us that lived it; the Cold War was a very scary time!


BTW - I noticed how sharp the 36 sets of props are (and by all the dust marks I had to remove I can guarantee it's an original Air Force photo). My guess is that at the fastest shutter speed of the time, 1/1000th of a sec was enough to freeze those huge slow turning blades.


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