... Sept. 7, 1961 Life magazine.

Huh-oh. little Jimmy hears a strange scratching at the outer door. Wish Dad had followed the minister's advice and put a shotgun in the shelter. Maybe this shovel will be enough to deal with old Mrs. Betz.-------------------------------------------------------
link to "The Shelter" from 1961 Twilight Zonehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ei7Gr-0uNU&featu
Rod Serling Prologue-"What you are about to watch is a nightmare. It is not meant to be prophetic, it need not happen, it's the fervent and urgent prayer of all men of good will that it shall never happen. But in this place, in this moment, it does happen. This is the Twilight Zone."

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Sharon Day said...

You mean, they don't have to become mole people? I hadn't heard of above-ground ones. I don't think I'd feel too good when the blast hit, even if the walls were super thick.