1957 ... VZ-1 'Pawnee'

... it's about time we had an entry from the 'might have been a good idea that turned out to incredibly stupid' design department. If I were a member of the Pawnee Indian Nation I would file a lawsuit!

... awright! Here comes the AV Kid with some footage on this marvel! OK; this first British clip has it looking pretty silly. But the second extended color clip has me wondering where I can order one?

all images- Right click- open in New Window= super colossal size!


Britt Reid said...

Three problems
1) no protection for user. (armor would weigh it down)
2) Probably noisy beyond belief.
3) Fuel consumption limits flight-time/range. (Same thing that doomed the Bell jetpack)

senormedia said...

Given current computer-aided fly-by-wire (and the Segway) it should be easy to do!