1957 - 1963 ... Project: Dyna-soar

... there's a lot to be said about the Boeing X-30 and the Air Force's desire to have it's own winged, reusable manned 'space-plane'. The first of which- don't name your project after a common term for obsolescence!  The "Dynamic Soaring" project reflected the early period of space exploration when men could still do a lot of things that computers and automation could not. In some ways it was the off-spring of the X-15 project in that it was a very flyable, maneuverable winged space craft that would do a controlled reentry from orbit and land like a glider. All the why's of needing to put fighter-jocks in space is still a matter of speculation. But after the 1963 treaties prohibiting Nukes In Space took all the real fun out of the idea.

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