1959 ... Atlas ICBM

... no amount of hyperbole can overstate what a drastic 'game-changer' the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) made in the Cold War and the arms race. Delivering nuclear weapons went from manned bombers flying and fighting there way to a target over many hours - to an unstoppable sure-thing in 30 minutes!

... there are historians who would argue that making Atomic War almost impossible to defend against helped to 'stabilize' everything and make the world safer. The irony of "Mutual Assured Destruction".

... this is a cutaway of the blunt-nosed MK2-3 re-entry vehicle (seen on the Atlas photo above) which was the first successful package for pushing the H-bomb 'payload' thru it's fiery re-entry to the target.

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