1955 ... a popular model!

... Hydrogen Bomb 101- the round thingy is a fission type atomic bomb which goes Bang and provides crazy amounts of heat and radiation to make the Hydrogen goop [blue and tan stuff] start the process of fusion which then causes a VAROOOOOM equal to about 4 million tons of TNT or 200 Hiroshima sized atom-bombs. Is that clear? There will be a quiz later.

Your B-52 Stratofortress can carry, oh - say, 4 to 5 of these.

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Danny Moore said...

I was born the same year as you, going to school in Titusville, Florida during the Cuban Missile crisis.
I've followed many stories of atomic and nuclear bombs and they're detonations.
Many of us have heard about the 1st story pertaining to the Mark 15 Mod 3 Thermonuclear Weapon yet not if the follow up.
Follow up 2015 story:

Unknown said...

I know that bomb pic Terry Sunday made it. He has not made anything new because his 3D program doesn't work on windows 10. I have some nuke designs that I have made with SOLIDWORKS. Check them out the are high resolution.