1949 ... XC-99

... when you build the world's biggest airplane - it gives you strange ideas! The Convair company was busily cranking out the B-36 'Peacemaker' (Gigadinosaurous Strategicus) and began to think; what else can you do with such a large airplane besides drop atomic bombs on people's heads? 

One answer was the XC-99; a cargo and troop carrier version of the strategic bomber. Another idea was to create the world's first Jumbo-Jet Prop airliner. One military cargo version was built. Sadly no commercial airliners were ever ordered; with hot and cold running martinis and wall to wall sirloin steaks.

top photo: XC-99 which saw a lot of service during the Korean War
other photo: observer sits in former gunner's bubble making sure both wings are still on.


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Bob Keller said...

The lone XC-99 was left more or less abandoned on a remote part of Kelly AFB in San Antonio. A few years back the aircraft was disassembled and moved to the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB for eventual restoration.