1964 ... Mirage IV: nuclear bomber (France)

... my artwork: The Mach 2.2 'Mirage' IV built by the aerospace company Dassault was the premier weapon system of the early "Force de frappe"  nuclear force of France. The French were the fourth nation to develop nuclear weapons(1960). The Mirage IV originally carried one free-fall fission-bomb of 70 kiloton yield. Later it was out-fitted with a supersonic stand-off missile with a 300 kiloton thermo-nuclear warhead.

Currently France maintains 50 nuclear capable aircraft spread between their airforce and navy. Additionally they have 4 ballistic missile submarines! Each submarine carries 16 nuclear armed missiles. So... do not f---k with the French!

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Anonymous said...

In France we have 4 SSBN https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triomphant-class_submarine and not 9.

james vaughan said...

thanks- I will amend the info.